Why a photo booth is the best ice-breaker for your wedding.

With any fabulous wedding,  sometimes you need a little icebreaker to get your guests out of their comfort zone.
You need Heartbreak Hotel Photo Booth.
Let me explain why a photo booth is the best ice-breaker for your wedding!

Weddings are the perfect excuse for the most kick-ass party of your life!
If someone didn’t pull out the dance moves from Saturday Night Fever did ya even have a wedding??

Photo booths are one of the best ways to break the ice and get your guests to have fun and interacting with each other. It keeps the young ones entertained (seriously it’s free day care for you). It get’s your different groups of friends to meet and laugh with each other. And personally, my fave, seeing how much the oldies enjoy putting silly wigs and sunglasses on to take a modern day selfie.

This is all an added bonus to the personalised photo strips that instantly print out.
Your loved ones get to take home a memento from this incredible day.

Nobody put’s baby in the corner.
Seriously, don’t put us in the corner, we’ll cry!!

Our Photo Booth works it’s best magic if it’s in a high traffic area.
Next to the bar or the dance floor is great.
This lures quieter people into the action and means you get plenty of party atmosphere spilling over into the booth!

Our booths are open- not your old fashioned closed design, so they allow everyone to watch and get in on the party.

Plus an open booth allows for infinite creativity with custom backdrops and positioning at the venue.
It gives a tonne more room for people to have fun with crazy masks and props, and means you can squeeze more people into shots!

We also offer our beautifully crafted Heartbreak Guestbooks where people can stick one of their prints alongside a message to the loved up couple.  People really love sharing and comparing their photographic efforts and failures.

All of the images are able to be emailed straight away to anyone using the booth via our social media station.
But wait there’s more! (I’m sorry I couldn’t help myself).
The week after your event you receive a Pic-time online album with every shot taken in the booth available for download and sharing with all your guests. These are priceless teaser images while your wait for your professional photographers work and can make sweet thank you’s.

These are just a few of the reasons why a photo booth is the best ice-breaker for your wedding.
Don’t take my word for it- have a look at some of these thoroughly icebreaker-ed party people.


A group of little children dressed up with their Mum using the photobooth

The George Ballroom

2 girls and an older man posing for a silly photo in the booth at a wedding. Graffiti style backdrop a group of older ladies dressed up in colourful wigs and glittery glasses posing for the photobooth A groom and his wedding guests dressed up in the photobooth pulling silly faces A floral backdrop and a small group of ladies posing for a photo a greenery backdrop with a small group of wedding guests posing for a photo 3 brothers posing for a photo in the photobooth, its a great ice-breaker to get people out of their seatsa group of men being silly in the Heartbreak Hotel photobooth A large group of guests having an ice-breaker, dressed up in wigs and sunglasses in a group photo at a wedding Kids wearing wigs and sunglasses in the Heartbreak Hotel Photobooth, using it as a great ice-breaker



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