Our Polaroid Guestbooks – Why You’ll Love Them!

It goes without saying, Australia knows how to throw a good party. Australian-based brides and grooms seem to take a more relaxed, fun approach to wedding traditions, making every ceremony and reception their own unique, less formal vibe.

Take it from us that guest books aren’t any different. More often these days, our wedding hosts want fun, interactive ways for friends and family to get involved with their guest books. Incorporating photo-ops with polaroid cameras or photo booths is usually hot on their priorities.

Introducing: The Polaroid Guest Book 

Heartbreak Hotel Guestbook

Adding a bit of pizazz to a reception with a polaroid-style guestbook is a great way to get everyone snapping shots of the day. Combining their candid photos with messages is the perfect update to what was in the past, just a boring book!

Here at Heartbreak Hotel, we offer a touch more glam and funk to our polaroid guestbooks.

And like everything we do, we add our own top-quality finishes. Here’s why so many wedding hosts in Australia say Heartbreak Hotel Guest Books are the best in the biz:

Our polaroids are better than polaroids

Robynn & Jon’s Wedding | Venue: Stones of the Yarra Valley

We don’t do poor-quality polaroids for our guest books. Technically, our photos aren’t polaroids. They are instant-prints, which are basically polaroids, but done better. Our guest book pictures go hand-in-hand with hiring our HeartBreak Hotel Photobooth, meaning that every picture is printed directly from the booth in epic quality.

There’s no chance of crappy lighting or a bad print with Heartbreak. Plus, as our bonafide wedding hosts, you can customise the style of your printables to whatever colour, frame style, and message you like. Talk about #on-brand #weddinggoals.

It’s the perfect Guest Book alternative 

Heartbreak Hotel Polaroid Guestbook

Pictures tell a thousand words. A book filled with photos of memories is a much more meaningful keepsake. Why try to decipher your cousin’s well-wishes in fancy scribble when you can see what a great night he had?

Polaroid guestbooks show a more candid, carefree version of your classic photobook – with unedited fun!

They’re instant guestbooks, meaning that by the end of the day (or boozy night), your guests have filled a book for you with fun moments, and you get to take your book home, the night of your wedding. Imagine waking up the morning after your wedding, your new husband or wife brings you a coffee in bed and you get to flick through your guestbook right THEN.

Instant memories of your special day

polaroid and photobooth
Lucy & Chris’ Wedding | Venue: The Brunswick Mess Hall

Brides and grooms often don’t know until they have booked a wedding photographer that their pictures won’t be ready for sometimes months after their special day! Good photographers can take thousands of pictures to get the right moments. Selecting the photos and editing them takes a solid amount of time. 

Having a photo booth and a polaroid guestbook for your wedding means you can have an instant keepsake of memories from your day. It’s also a chance to see a more casual, unedited version of you and your guests’ special moments. You might even get a few more shots of friends and family that were a bit camera shy (before the open bar started). Imagine your Aunt or Uncle escaping those ceremony photos but after a few drinks, was convinced to join the booth, and voila; you have at least one photograph of them.

Polaroid guestbooks are a bit more personalised & DIY

Wedding Photobooth
Robynn & Jon’s Wedding | Venue: Stones of the Yarra Valley

We make sure that our booths and books are more fun and creative than your average. Every booth event comes with our unique props and pen selections for your guests, so they can give you a specially-made memento. Our Heartbreak Booth Polaroids are printed straight from our customisable photo booth, equipped with photographer-quality cameras and next-level lighting. This means you can be sure each printout is a high-quality image. No chance of wasted polaroids at your soiree! We also offer as many prints as your guests need. No matter how small or large your group is, they can keep their own favourite prints and share them, too. No fighting over the 1 good polaroid.

Make the most of your photo booth hire

Heartbreak Hotel Photo Booth
Lucy & Chris’ Wedding | Venue: The Brunswick Mess Hall

If you’re going to do a photobooth – do it well. And if you are going to invest in good photo booth hire (AKA your HBH crew) – don’t let it go to waste. We can’t count the number of times we’ve seen wedding hosts go without a guest book and cried about it later. Seeing those epic memories bunched on a table brings a tear to our eyes. Let’s be honest, keeping a box with your photo booth prints just isn’t the same. Adding a guest book fixes everything, and encourages your guests to stick their pictures and a cute note in there for you!

Your own high-quality coffee table book

Spoken like true millennial, but seriously, what’s the point of a book if it doesn’t look nice on your coffee table? We say no to ugly, crappy quality, and yes to inspo-worthy polaroid guestbooks. Our aim is to get your next dinner guests flicking through those pages (with a touch of envy).

Our Heartbreak Polaroid Guestbooks are custom designed by industry-approved photo bookmakers, Vision Art. Basically, they are used by the highest photographers in the industry for photo books. Our books are designed with hard covers, and high GSM pages. Yes, thick enough to draw on with pen, and a marker won’t bleed through. You can choose between either our classic cloth black finish or go a little funkier with our iconic Crushed Pink Velvet.

No more asking to “please sign our guest book”

sign our guest book table

The last thing you’d want to do on your big night is to be “that host” asking everyone to sign your guest book. Lucky for you, our photo booth attendees manage it all for you. We are proudly one of the only photo booth hire businesses that bring our own party-starting attendees. They come along to get your guests grooving, your photo booth pumping, and your guestbook filled with memories. Our booth attendant provides all the pens, bits and bobs you need at the photo booth station. And will prompt your guests through the night to attach their favourite pics and a note for you.

Stick a Photo Polaroid Guest Book

Have any cool ideas or custom questions for your big day? We’re more than just pretty faces. Give our team a shout here to get your dream party started.



  1. Cathryn Biggs says:

    Are these Polaroid books included in any of your packages?
    Thanks so much!

    • Sarah Tee says:

      Hi Catie, The polaroid guestbook is included with our Penthouse Package, but can be added to other packages as well 🙂

  2. KT says:

    Do they come with a package or extra?
    Asking for a friend…

    • Sarah Tee says:

      Hi KT, it is included with the Penthouse Package, and an add-on with the rest of the packages 🙂

  3. Melissa Turner says:

    I love the look of this. What a special way to document precious memories from later in the nigh when loved ones are mingling around the dance floor.

    From what I hear, the day goes by so fast so to have something tangible to take home and look through the next day and extend the moment is wonderful.

    i also love that you can keep this forever as a coffee table book or have it on display somewhere!

    Definitely adding one to my package!

    • Sarah Tee says:

      Thanks so much, Melissa! True, to be able to leaf through each page of your guestbook, and see the faces and smiles of the special people in your life is an experience in itself!

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