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Live bops will turn any reception into a banger. Our DJs know how to read a room and bring the good tunes to create an unforgettable dance-floor.
It doesn't matter if you are having a wedding, a party or a corporate function, we know music and we know people and we can get bootys moving and grooving

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Download the set from the event & party all over again!

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A Bubble machine is perfect for a party that wants a little extra. 


Smoke machines are a great way to create a vibing atmosphere on the D-floor.

meet the djs

I grew up listening to music but never imagined those humble beginnings of making mixtapes on TDK cassettes would one day take me around the world, doing what i love.


aka DJ verse@ille

Ive djed in 10 countries & even after all this time still love giving the gift of crafting a good set and getting people to literally shake away and forget their problems on the dancefloor.
Over my travels, my original love for hip hop was soon equalled by my affinity for other genres including; Funk, Disco, Funky House, Reggae, Dancehall (to name a few).
Having played thousands of gigs, i have a knack for reading & playing to literally any crowd. 

Sax Player

Add a Sax player to your booking to jazz out with the DJ amongst the crowd.  It's a surefire way to get the  dance-floor pumping and adds something classy to the evening. Just add it upon checkout.

reggie + SAX