For when it’s time to take the office socialising beyond the water cooler. We know how to put on a killer corporate event – just ask our good friends at (ahem) Nike and Gucci. We’ll get your work Christmas party started, entertain your awards night, or make sure your brand activation is a smash. By the time you’re done schmoozing with Susie from accounts in the photo booth, you’ll be employee of the year.

Corporate events are essential factors in developing great business relationships. It’s a key element in strengthening bonds between your company and clients or amongst management and employees (not to mention it’s a tax right-off!)!

If you are planning to put together a corporate party in 2022 – whether it’s a Xmas Party, Annual celebration or just an old fashioned get down and party, we have some tried and tested tips on how to make it awesome, exciting, and memorable.

photo booth for corporate party

Plan ahead. 

As with any event, planning early will always work to your advantage. It will give you time to scout and compare venues, catering services (we get VERY excited seeing the Fourside minivan at gigs) or any other services you’d want to acquire, and lock in a date once you’ve made your final choices. Make sure that the venue will not only be big enough to accommodate all guests, but is also well-suited for the theme of your party.

Make a list of activities.

Why not conduct a poll from your company department to get feedback as to what activities everyone likes or expects to be doing during your corporate party. Would they like to have some games or do they prefer to just chill, catch up with everyone and just enjoy the music? Are you looking at incorporating a short pep talk or a team meeting before the party starts? Be sure that these activities are all planned and clearly outlined in sequence.

Serve great food.

What’s a party without food and drinks to make hearts merry? See to it that each and every guest at your party would have something that they can actually eat from the banquet. It’s nice to serve a wide range of food choices, but if you’re on a budget, it might help to find out in advance what kinds of food your colleagues and guests prefer. You might also want to play it safe and make sure there’s at least a couple of options for people who are vegetarian, vegan, non-alcoholic, etc.

Hire a DJ to Play the Party Music.

Having a professional Disc Jockey to take care of your party music is recommended in any event, especially at corporate events! It’s the easiest way to bring entertainment and excitement to a corporate function, especially when you’re working with the right DJ.

At Heartbreak, we are super proud of our DJs and we have the reviews for proof! Based on what our previous clients have been raving about, we’re pretty confident to say that our DJs are doing a wonderful job at making party people happy.

Heartbreak Hotel Vinyl DJ Booth

With over 10 years of experience playing music to various crowds and age groups, there’s never a dull moment when our DJ is in the house. They know how to read a room and bring great tunes to keep your guests entertained and the dance floor partying every minute until closing. Plus, we dare say Heartbreak Hotel has the best-looking Vinyl DJ set-ups you can find in Melbourne. 

Mr Yum Corporate Christmas Party
Mr Yum Party

Don’t Forget the Photo Booth.

Of course, no party would be complete without the photo booth for that extra dose of fun and merriment. Let guests choose their own props, play dress up, feel like stars behind the camera lens, and create memories to their hearts’ content at the photo booth. It’s a sure-fire way to keep your guests engaged and just have a chill and delightful time with friends and new acquaintances.

Heartbreak guarantees you’ll get the most amazing unlimited instant prints from your photo booth. Our Polaroid prints are not your average blurry dim quality bois. The image quality is epic and we can customise backdrops to match your company colours and the print designs to showcase your corporate branding!

Polaroids printed from the Heartbreak photo booth make the perfect mementos for your guests to bring home and to stick on your Corporate Party Album or Guestbook (included in our Penthouse package or can be added on to any of our packages). 

One special perk that comes with our Photo Booth package is a dedicated online gallery for ALL photos captured from your photo booth. This gives guests the opportunity to see the rest of the album, save the images they like, and even print their best shots via the online print store.

And did we mention having an attendant to make sure the photo booth is never empty? Some folks might need a bit of an encouragement but after a few poses, would get super comfortable behind the cam and ends up with the best candid shots from the batch.

Make your 2022 Corporate Party the Party to Remember!

After making plans & prep, all the research, and choosing vendors to work with, you’re finally ready to book your event. Be sure to book early so as not to miss out the services from the best providers.

Heartbreak Hotel is now accepting bookings for 2022 Xmas parties and End of Year bash. We’re also open for any events and occasions for 2023. If you’re a company, we’d love to be a part of your next corporate function whether you’re from the fashion industry, hospitality, or a building corporation!

Vinyl DJ  Melbourne

F*ck COVID-19.
It has been a true pain in the butt for just about everyone across the planet.

Perhaps a few eskimo’s or people who enjoy zero human contact were left unscathed. But, for the rest of us who enjoy our over-priced smashed avo, hugs and freedom – this has been one Big. Fat. Low-point.


Here’s a few brief Q&A’s so you too can sit back with your homemade beverage and relax, knowing we’ve got your back.


The Melbourne wedding industry’s venues, photographers, videographers, florists, entertainers and most importantly!! Our loved up couples! Have been hit somewhat harder than most.

Every week I receive countless emails from clients asking us ‘Can we change our date if the restrictions remain in place?’ – To which I throw my head back in an evil cackle, continue counting my pile of gold and make myself another homemade cocktail in my lockdown loungewear.

I’m kidding. (maybe not about the cocktail and loungewear part.) Every date change or cancelation causes us just as much Heartbreak (pun intended) as it does you.


Morgan & Jai at Rupert on Rupert

Can I change my date because of COVID-19?

Yes, you can change your date.

We don’t charge a fee for changing the date, and we won’t charge a fee for holding a tentative date (just incase!) either.

Wedding co-ordinators all over Melbourne are doing everything within their power to work within government restrictions to pull off the most amazing days for our beloved clients.

If it looks like your event will need to be postponed, we ask that you reach out to us with some tentative dates.
That way we can work together and have a better chance of ensuring your dream day goes ahead as planned.


What if We Need to Cancel Our Wedding due to COVID-19?

We understand that for some people, the void of the “Covid Unknown” is too much of a stress to overlook or postpone. For some, the best option is to cancel your original plans. Maybe you’re moving on to bigger more exotic things and you’ve decided to elope on a cliffs edge as soon as borders open! Or perhaps you and yours have decided that a simple registry is all you need to make your special day perfect.
Whatever your circumstances, again, we’re with you.


Will I get a refund if I cancel due to COVID-19?

Short answer – yes!
Long answer – we need to cover our butts too.
If you wish to cancel, you will receive a refund minus a 20% booking fee.

The booking fee simply covers costs we won’t get back on our end for staffing and credit card fees.



Rolan & Sarah dressing up at  Rupert on Rupert – F*ck COVID-19


Let’s End On a High

You chose your wedding vendors because you love what they have to offer, to give you the most memorable celebration possible.
We love you (our clients) because you allow us to run a business we’re proud of, full of fun, excitement and continual good times.

Let’s everyone, keep doing what we’re doing.

Loving each other.
Staying positive (and sane?).

Heartbreak Hotel are here for you every step of this crazy journey.

To help with suggestions for your wedding, to commiserate the loses we’re all experiencing, to share home made cocktails and what’s bingeworthy on Netflix.

Without sounding too ‘Dan Andrews’

We’re all in this together.
& F*ck COVID-19.



Why should you have a photobooth at your wedding??

Melbourne vinyl DJ wedding

We were lucky enough to DJ at a special event at the Wool Mill in Brunswick. It was the first time we got to use and show off our custom made, wooden DJ table and it looked incredible. We are definitely stepping up the game in the DJ scene for weddings in Melbourne and it’s so cool to see the vision come to life.

We believe a wedding DJ is not just about the killer tunes they play, it really needs to work with the styling of your wedding reception and bring something to the table. We wanted our DJ to add style to your wedding. No more trestle tables with black tablecloths with cords running everywhere. Not at Heartbreak Hotel! We want STYLE and lots of it.

It’s so cool that our DJ table works with so many different style weddings as well. Just look at these images below and see how well we fit right in with not only the venue, but the theme of the event.

Wool Mill Brunswick is the perfect venue for a warehouse-style, Melbourne wedding!

Wool Mill Brunswick Wedding

We got to work alongside so many of our friends that are on our ‘FRIENDS‘ page and the whole venue looked the part. That is what happens when you team up with the best of the best that Melbourne has to offer.

Melbourne vinyl DJ wedding

Wool Mill Brunswick WeddingWool Mill Brunswick Wedding

Wool Mill Brunswick Wedding

The styling was done by Ruffles and Bells and we LOVE these guys. Every time we work with them, the events just keep getting next level. And we are lucky we have more events with them in the near future!

Wool Mill Brunswick Wedding

Wool Mill Brunswick WeddingWool Mill Brunswick

Vendor Credits:

Photos by Free The Bird & It’s Beautiful Here

Cnk Catering – catering, event management @cnkcatering

The Wool Mill – Venue @the.wool.mill

Ruffles & Bells – Styling, concepts, hire items @rufflesandbells

Microhire – AV, lighting, sound @microhire_au

Little Floral Soul  – Florals @littlefloralsoul

Nathan & Susie  – Live music @nathan_and_susie

Heartbreak Hotel – DJ  @heartbreakbooth

Moonshot – Balloon install @moonshotballoons

Place Settings – Furniture hire @placesettings

Luna Twelve – Prop hire @lunatwelve

Studio Silva – Stationery @studiosilva_

Simmons Linen – Linen hire @simmonslinenhire

Heartbreak Hotel photo booth

We started off the year with our first wedding expo. Found With Love was held at a new wedding venue called The Line in Melbourne and brought all the best vendors in the wedding industry together under one roof.
Sarah was there to meet everyone and bring the fun vibes to the booth. We had a custom backdrop made by our favourites Pickawall and signage by Sketch & Etch and our new guest books on display.
Can’t wait to do it all again next year!!!

All the images below are shot by the Free The Bird team and the video is by Bottlebrush Films.