With any fabulous wedding,  sometimes you need a little icebreaker to get your guests out of their comfort zone.
You need Heartbreak Hotel Photo Booth.
Let me explain why a photo booth is the best ice-breaker for your wedding!

Weddings are the perfect excuse for the most kick-ass party of your life!
If someone didn’t pull out the dance moves from Saturday Night Fever did ya even have a wedding??

Photo booths are one of the best ways to break the ice and get your guests to have fun and interacting with each other. It keeps the young ones entertained (seriously it’s free day care for you). It get’s your different groups of friends to meet and laugh with each other. And personally, my fave, seeing how much the oldies enjoy putting silly wigs and sunglasses on to take a modern day selfie.

This is all an added bonus to the personalised photo strips that instantly print out.
Your loved ones get to take home a memento from this incredible day.

Nobody put’s baby in the corner.
Seriously, don’t put us in the corner, we’ll cry!!

Our Photo Booth works it’s best magic if it’s in a high traffic area.
Next to the bar or the dance floor is great.
This lures quieter people into the action and means you get plenty of party atmosphere spilling over into the booth!

Our booths are open- not your old fashioned closed design, so they allow everyone to watch and get in on the party.

Plus an open booth allows for infinite creativity with custom backdrops and positioning at the venue.
It gives a tonne more room for people to have fun with crazy masks and props, and means you can squeeze more people into shots!

We also offer our beautifully crafted Heartbreak Guestbooks where people can stick one of their prints alongside a message to the loved up couple.  People really love sharing and comparing their photographic efforts and failures.

All of the images are able to be emailed straight away to anyone using the booth via our social media station.
But wait there’s more! (I’m sorry I couldn’t help myself).
The week after your event you receive a Pic-time online album with every shot taken in the booth available for download and sharing with all your guests. These are priceless teaser images while your wait for your professional photographers work and can make sweet thank you’s.

These are just a few of the reasons why a photo booth is the best ice-breaker for your wedding.
Don’t take my word for it- have a look at some of these thoroughly icebreaker-ed party people.


A group of little children dressed up with their Mum using the photobooth

The George Ballroom

2 girls and an older man posing for a silly photo in the booth at a wedding. Graffiti style backdrop a group of older ladies dressed up in colourful wigs and glittery glasses posing for the photobooth A groom and his wedding guests dressed up in the photobooth pulling silly faces A floral backdrop and a small group of ladies posing for a photo a greenery backdrop with a small group of wedding guests posing for a photo 3 brothers posing for a photo in the photobooth, its a great ice-breaker to get people out of their seatsa group of men being silly in the Heartbreak Hotel photobooth A large group of guests having an ice-breaker, dressed up in wigs and sunglasses in a group photo at a wedding Kids wearing wigs and sunglasses in the Heartbreak Hotel Photobooth, using it as a great ice-breaker

F*ck COVID-19.
It has been a true pain in the butt for just about everyone across the planet.

Perhaps a few eskimo’s or people who enjoy zero human contact were left unscathed. But, for the rest of us who enjoy our over-priced smashed avo, hugs and freedom – this has been one Big. Fat. Low-point.


Here’s a few brief Q&A’s so you too can sit back with your homemade beverage and relax, knowing we’ve got your back.


The Melbourne wedding industry’s venues, photographers, videographers, florists, entertainers and most importantly!! Our loved up couples! Have been hit somewhat harder than most.

Every week I receive countless emails from clients asking us ‘Can we change our date if the restrictions remain in place?’ – To which I throw my head back in an evil cackle, continue counting my pile of gold and make myself another homemade cocktail in my lockdown loungewear.

I’m kidding. (maybe not about the cocktail and loungewear part.) Every date change or cancelation causes us just as much Heartbreak (pun intended) as it does you.


Morgan & Jai at Rupert on Rupert

Can I change my date because of COVID-19?

Yes, you can change your date.

We don’t charge a fee for changing the date, and we won’t charge a fee for holding a tentative date (just incase!) either.

Wedding co-ordinators all over Melbourne are doing everything within their power to work within government restrictions to pull off the most amazing days for our beloved clients.

If it looks like your event will need to be postponed, we ask that you reach out to us with some tentative dates.
That way we can work together and have a better chance of ensuring your dream day goes ahead as planned.


What if We Need to Cancel Our Wedding due to COVID-19?

We understand that for some people, the void of the “Covid Unknown” is too much of a stress to overlook or postpone. For some, the best option is to cancel your original plans. Maybe you’re moving on to bigger more exotic things and you’ve decided to elope on a cliffs edge as soon as borders open! Or perhaps you and yours have decided that a simple registry is all you need to make your special day perfect.
Whatever your circumstances, again, we’re with you.


Will I get a refund if I cancel due to COVID-19?

Short answer – yes!
Long answer – we need to cover our butts too.
If you wish to cancel, you will receive a refund minus a 20% booking fee.

The booking fee simply covers costs we won’t get back on our end for staffing and credit card fees.



Rolan & Sarah dressing up at  Rupert on Rupert – F*ck COVID-19


Let’s End On a High

You chose your wedding vendors because you love what they have to offer, to give you the most memorable celebration possible.
We love you (our clients) because you allow us to run a business we’re proud of, full of fun, excitement and continual good times.

Let’s everyone, keep doing what we’re doing.

Loving each other.
Staying positive (and sane?).

Heartbreak Hotel are here for you every step of this crazy journey.

To help with suggestions for your wedding, to commiserate the loses we’re all experiencing, to share home made cocktails and what’s bingeworthy on Netflix.

Without sounding too ‘Dan Andrews’

We’re all in this together.
& F*ck COVID-19.



Why should you have a photobooth at your wedding??

Heartbreak Hotel Photobooth

Why is it a great idea to have a Photobooth at your Wedding? Good question!..
I want to give you just a few reasons why having a photobooth will be the icing on the wedding cake!


A photobooth is fun for all ages

Seriously though, it is so good to entertain everyone at your wedding. The young and the old will enjoy a good photo session and trust me when I say, I have seen some crazy old cats get down and dirty in the booth over the years.

Having a photo booth will not only get the oldies out of their seats, but they will also be getting involved with the Gen Zers. And it’s so good to get more photos of all the family together. Especially those regrettable photos that will be stuck on your fridge for years!

Melbourne wedding Photobooth Melbourne wedding Photobooth


The perfect keepsake for all your guests

Having a photobooth that prints out the images straight away, means your guests can take home a little keepsake from the wedding day. It’s always cool seeing photos stuck on the fridge for years to come and most guests don’t know it at the time, but they will actually have the chance to download the digital copy after the wedding as well. Which means sometimes they wish they kept it ‘G’ rated when taking the photos! Oops.

Heartbreak Hotel Photobooth

Adds to the overall style of your wedding reception

Another great reason to have a photobooth at your wedding is, it can add to the overall style of your reception styling! When we created Heartbreak Hotel, it was so important for us to have the most stylish photobooth set up in town. Every small detail has been thought of and you won’t see us dragging out an ugly table with a black tablecloth or $2 props for the junk store!

We wanted the booth to be on-trend, look incredible and actually add style to any wedding. We know how much effort goes into creating a beautiful reception and we don’t think that style should be compromised because of the photo booth.


Photobooth Rupert on Rupert

Theme the booth with your wedding theme

We all love themes and when it comes to weddings, there is really no exceptions. Trust me when I say, I have seen a lot of RAD themes over the years. Sometimes it’s a more subtle theme, like “black tie & cocktail” or “complete vegan wedding”. Whatever your theme is, we can incorporate it into the booth in so many ways, including the backdrop, the print designs, the props and even the photobooth’s interface.


Melbourne Photobooth

Guestbooks with photos straight from the wedding!

Having a killer set of photos of your nearest and dearest is worth it’s weight in gold. Especially when you get your guests to create you a guestbook at the wedding and they stick in their own fav photos and write you a little message. Guestbooks are seriously the best! And you won’t find any better than ours. We get ’em manufactured in the USA using nothing but the finest materials. That way you know it will actually last and of course, look good on your bookshelf!

photo booth guest books melbourneThat’s it! My five reasons why I think you need a photobooth at your wedding! If you have any suggestions for more reasons why you would have a photobooth at your wedding, please let us know in the comments!

Also, those middle photos are from our favourite wedding venue in Collingwood, Rupert on Rupert.

If you would like to get intouch, head over to our contact page.

Melbourne vinyl DJ wedding

We were lucky enough to DJ at a special event at the Wool Mill in Brunswick. It was the first time we got to use and show off our custom made, wooden DJ table and it looked incredible. We are definitely stepping up the game in the DJ scene for weddings in Melbourne and it’s so cool to see the vision come to life.

We believe a wedding DJ is not just about the killer tunes they play, it really needs to work with the styling of your wedding reception and bring something to the table. We wanted our DJ to add style to your wedding. No more trestle tables with black tablecloths with cords running everywhere. Not at Heartbreak Hotel! We want STYLE and lots of it.

It’s so cool that our DJ table works with so many different style weddings as well. Just look at these images below and see how well we fit right in with not only the venue, but the theme of the event.

Wool Mill Brunswick is the perfect venue for a warehouse-style, Melbourne wedding!

Wool Mill Brunswick Wedding

We got to work alongside so many of our friends that are on our ‘FRIENDS‘ page and the whole venue looked the part. That is what happens when you team up with the best of the best that Melbourne has to offer.

Melbourne vinyl DJ wedding

Wool Mill Brunswick WeddingWool Mill Brunswick Wedding


Wool Mill Brunswick Wedding

The styling was done by Ruffles and Bells and we LOVE these guys. Every time we work with them, the events just keep getting next level. And we are lucky we have more events with them in the near future!

Wool Mill Brunswick Wedding

Wool Mill Brunswick WeddingWool Mill Brunswick

Vendor Credits:

Photos by Free The Bird & It’s Beautiful Here

Cnk Catering – catering, event management @cnkcatering

The Wool Mill – Venue @the.wool.mill

Ruffles & Bells – Styling, concepts, hire items @rufflesandbells

Microhire – AV, lighting, sound @microhire_au

Little Floral Soul  – Florals @littlefloralsoul

Nathan & Susie  – Live music @nathan_and_susie

Heartbreak Hotel – DJ  @heartbreakbooth

Moonshot – Balloon install @moonshotballoons

Place Settings – Furniture hire @placesettings

Luna Twelve – Prop hire @lunatwelve

Studio Silva – Stationery @studiosilva_

Simmons Linen – Linen hire @simmonslinenhire

We love Rupert on Rupert and it is definitely our favourite wedding venue in Melbourne. Tricia & Hieu had an extra special wedding and we were so lucky to be part of it. No detail was overlooked and we got to work with many of our favourite vendors in the industry, including wedding photographer Cassandra from Blossom Daisy Creative. She was so kind as to forward some amazing images on to us and now we get to share them with you!

The venue itself never needs much, it speaks for itself with the styling and details in each room, but this couple really worked with what was really there and just gave it the little extra WOW factor. The florals were out of this world, wrapping around the room and adding so much colour.

Tricia & Hieu got married at Rupert on Rupert wedding Collingwood and we were there to bring the party!

Epic Rupert on Rupert wedding in Collingwood

Epic Rupert on Rupert wedding in Collingwood

Pictured above in the far right corner, is our Gold sign we have for hire. We designed the seating chart and matched the wedding perfectly. We have two different sizes available and our in-house designer is on hand to make something AMAZING!

Heartbreak Hotel Rupert on Rupert

Heartbreak Hotel Photobooth

We chose the Gold Mermaid backdrop for this wedding because it really worked well with their theme of extra colour and gold accents throughout the venue. It also just looks great in photos!

And we had Jai as the booth attendant, also matching the wedding with his brightly floral tie.

We always love working with Tobi Tobi. You will find them on our “friends” page because they are just that good. Nothing is better than live music at a wedding! (Except for our photo-booth of course 😉

Heartbreak Hotel gold signMelbourne best photo booth


















Melbournes best photo booth


Rupert on Rupert weddingHeartbreak Hotel Photo Booth


















Vendor Credit:

Live Music: TOBI TOBI
Illustrations: JEFF THE PEFF


Heartbreak Hotel Photobooth
Heartbreak Hotel Photo Booth

We had our friend Em Jensen do a lookbook style shoot with our props. I guess when we first started the photo-booth, we didn’t know much about them, but we did know that there were so many tacky photo-booths out there with terrible props and we didn’t want that for us. We are always looking long and hard to find props that are good enough to actually wear and make you look DAMN GOOD! Not just a paper moustache on a stick, but real vintage and eclectic pieces found from all corners of the globe. We are always changing and adding different pieces as we go so there is always a good selection for young and old.

The Photobooth Props seriously make the whole photobooth experience and it’s so important to LOVE the props! Espeically because they will be in your images for ever. We are serious about this stuff and want you to look as good as you can on your wedding day, with a hint of silliness of course.

Photobooth Props have Never Looked so Gooood!

These are just a few pieces we handed over to Em for the shoot and she made some magic. Check ’em out…



All images by: Em Jensen


You will often find us at Stones Of The Yarra Valley, one of our favourite venues and defiantly our favourite winery.
For this wedding, the couple opted to have no backdrop so you could see the beautiful winery in the background of the images. It worked really well, especially at sunset.

It’s so cool to see how creative people get with the photobooth. Even just keeping it simple like this with no backdrop gave it such a summer vibe with the sunset in the background and the rolling hills of the yarra valley. It was always the perfect backdrop for the images as most of the guests came from overseas. So it was a perfect little opportunity to show their friends and family how amazing the Stones Of The Yarra Valley really is!

Weddings at Stones Of The Yarra Valley need a Photo Booth!

The lego theme of the wedding went right through from the design of the prints to the favours on the table. It is always nice to tie in our designs with what the wedding has gone for.

heartbreak hotel photobooth

Heartbreak Hotel is a genuine party machine! We have been FLAT-OUT over the wedding season and we don’t want it to stop! That’s why we are stoked that not only do we get down at rad weddings in Melbourne every weekend, but we also get to attend the happening corporate functions as well! Where we collaborate with teams and stylists to create all things epic.

Last month we were pumped to be working beside Fourside Events and at Babes Supporting Babes, which is a brand new community-driven organisation supporting female entrepreneurs. The event was covered in colour and class, take a look for yourself.


Last weekend we had the pleasure of bringing the party vibes to Lucy & Chris’s epic wedding at the stylish Brunswick Mess Hall. Our legendary booth attendants Sarah & Rolan were on the scene, equipt with buckets of confetti and a bubble gun each. It was the party that dreams are made of and one of the most stylish events of the season.

The venue is just a little bar, so it can be hard to fit in a full-size photobooth. But they have two perfect rooms at the front of the hall that works perfectly for the photobooth. Our booth attendants make sure to walk around and get people into the booth before the night is through.

Sometimes Sarah likes to whip out the bubble machine as well and as guests enter the room, it is a real vibe! It definitely adds a next-level experience to your wedding reception.

A wedding at Brunswick Mess Hall is always a good time!

wedding at Brunswick Mess Hall

wedding at Brunswick Mess Hall

wedding at Brunswick Mess Hall

Venue (our fav) Brunswick Mess Hall.

heartbreak hotel photobooth
heartbreak photo booth

This month we were a sponsor of a breakfast lecture series for the creative community called Creative Mornings in Collingwood.

We used our green screen to design a total of 6 options for the backdrop. The green screen is always a lot of fun and it gets people more involved in the whole experience. Plus it’s great to include hashtags and branding to work with the event.
We also had our Social Station there which keeps the booth running fast allowing people to step away and use the iPad to share their favourite images on Social Media.

Heartbreak Hotel Photo Booth is working towards making many more experiences for corporate functions and brand activations. Sponsoring events like this helps us get seen by the local community and lets us test new experiances to see how people respond.


Our design team came up with some AWESOME designs for the prints, overlays, and interface of the booth. We wanted it to be clean, fun and very shareable. Taking home a print at an event is always a good way to keep your brand in peoples minds. And the rad overlay’s helps your brand be seen when shared on social medias.

 The Social station sits away from the booth and instaly receives images taken in the Photo Booth. You can send photos straight to your phone via text or email or you can post straight to Facebook from the station.  The Social station sits away from the booth and instaly receives images taken in the Photo Booth. You can send photos straight to your phone via text or email or you can post straight to Facebook from the station.